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Today is Sunday, April 30, 2017
Hanging Lake closure not justified

The April 19 Daily Sentinel's first page story about "Vandals ruining it for everybody" is not correct. It's the Forest Service that is ruining it for everybody.

Paonia will be a poorer place without the Rowells

The Sentinel article (April 17, 2017) on the North Fork Valley's efforts to create new economies in the wake of the decline in coal mining was first rate. It gave a sense of how much pain people experience when the economy shifts beneath them.

Would you recognize elder abuse if you saw it?

Financial exploitation targeting older adults is a major problem in the United States. As many as five million older adults fall victim to financial abuse each year at an estimated cost of $3 billion annually.

Walk intended to raise suicide awareness

I am so fortunate to go to work every day at Grand Junction High School where I am surrounded by a remarkable group of students and staff. The rash of suicides throughout this valley, but especially within our high school, has made this school year indescribably difficult.

Who were those rowdies at Tipton's town hall?

Who were those people at Congressman Tipton's town hall meeting in Montrose -- shouting, interrupting, stomping their feet, booing, waving signs and generally acting like the cheering squad at a hometown basketball game? And why were they so ill-mannered as to badger our elected U.S. congressman in this unseemly fashion?

DCMH town hall proved to be very informative

On Thursday evening, April 13, more than 60 people attended an informative and cordial town hall meeting with Delta County Memorial Hospital (DCMH) CEO Jason Cleckler. Many thanks to Mr. Cleckler for his articulate and illuminating presentation on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), its impact on health care in Delta county, the current state of DCMH and plans for the primary care clinic in Hotchkiss and the urgent care center in Paonia.

It's time to face facts

Recent reports of surge in coal production in the Appalachian coal fields. Amazing how fast a horse can run when you stop jerking on the reins.

Empty pews

There are lots of empty seats in our churches today. Christians who should be sitting in those pews are absent.

Marijuana is in keeping with our ag heritage

I have two, no three reactions, to the article "Timeline details marijuana votes and regulations" by Matt Soper (DCI, March 1). First the majority of the article is correct as it relates to the timeline of events and what occurred.

A big victory for the West

The Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule that was issued by the Obama Administration was one of the most onerous federal water and land grabs in history -- it undermined state water law and priority-based systems, inserted federal control over western water rights, and put decisions about our water in the hands of Washington bureaucrats.

Tipton urged to focus efforts on renewable energy

I am writing to ask you to withdraw your co-sponsorship and support for HR 167, Stopping EPA Overreach Act of 2017, and instead concentrate your efforts on stopping global warming by bringing renewable, non-polluting sources of energy online as quickly as possible.

Energy policy and America First

Since the OPEC oil embargo in the 1970s, America's energy policy has appropriately (though ineffectively) been focused on energy independence for decades. Now, with the fracking boom providing abundant natural gas (NG) resources plus some oil on top of it, the United States finally has the opportunity to, if not completely achieve, come close to achieving energy independence.

Politics and friends

There have been many articles lately by people who disdain our current president. That doesn't bother me a bit.

The deliberate corruption of climate science

What a travesty that the public at large has been deceived, yes deceived beyond comprehension by masterful propaganda. Unfortunately, this has been essentially a worldwide scheme backed by huge monetary gifts and orchestrated by a very successful but small number of politicians and scientists.

Ambulance service is vital to our community

There seems to be quite the debate lately regarding our local ambulance service. I was very disappointed when our community failed to vote in favor of a mill levy for the ambulance personnel.

Tipton's presence surprising; his answers familiar

Saturday I went to the town hall meeting in Paonia. Hopefully this report will be of interest to a few readers. What interested me was the following:

This is no time for complacency

I hope the public will wake up to see that the misguided Republican party agenda is to cut taxes for the wealthy and eliminate much-needed services for the public and the planet. Choosing this agenda equates to the public shooting themselves in the foot.

Tax exemption should be transferable

I'm responding to your article (Feb. 15) "Seniors, disabled vets eligible for property tax exemption." One problem -- even if you have lived in and owned your home for 10 years you can NOT transfer that exemption to a new or different home.

Because we can

You may march for stricter gun control, but you march in this country because you can. You may march for a right to free and affordable birth control, but you march in this country because you can.

Methane rule warrants support

Like many landowners in western Colorado we grow hay and a large vegetable garden. It is hard work, but being outside has its rewards.

Contempt order is still hard to understand

I want to set the record straight. The Delta County Independent misquoted me when they said that the courts had little concern for us (Appeals court upholds ruling on pesticide drift, page A3, Feb. 15).

Boy Scouts pleased to be of service

We are Boy Scouts and we would like to inform you about Boy Scouts in Delta. You might know about us already which is what we hope.

Businesses should provide their own 'space to create'

Is it government's job to help provide a "space to create" for would-be entrepreneurs? That was a topic at the Paonia Town Council meeting on Feb. 14.

Wearing pink with pride

I am a very senior citizen, sharing why I attended the rally on Jan. 21 in Cedaredge, its version of the women's march.

I went because I needed desperately to connect with other women for moral support because I am very afraid of the world situation, because of this last election.

Taking the women's marchers to task

Reading the Feb. 15 opinion letters blasting President Trump, I feel four letters from Cedaredge is not coincidental. Was it the result of some Democrat coffee clutch where liberal Kool-Aid was served instead of coffee?

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